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38. Simulation and animation of some Markov-chains

An illustration of a common type of

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Click an exercise to change the transit matrix. Then use the
[Rerun simulation]-button to start the simulation.

Exercise 1, model 1. This exercise sets all transit probabilities to 1, thus no rejects at all. The distribution will show exactly 5 steps and the mean and std dev will be 1 and 0.

Exercise 2, model 1. This exercise has the probability 0.5 'B -> Reject' and 0.5 'B -> C'. The distribution will show two equal bars (3 and 5 steps), mean 4 and std dev 1. The probabilities of 'Stop' and 'Reject' as expected,

Exercise 3, model 2. This exercise has the probability 0.82 'C -> B' and 0.18 'C -> D'. This means that there will be more steps 'backwards' and this will change the mean and standard deviation from 5.42 and 1.42 to 10.46 and 7.04.


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Different models:

Transition matrix of probabilities between states


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